Adding pre-fabricated aluminum balcony systems to your existing structure delivers many benefits. People prefer apartments and offices with access to the outdoors. It may seem frivolous, but humans value their time in nature. And your tenants on the sixth floor deserve an outdoor space as much as your lucky ground floor tenants.

Bolting on aluminum balconies is a simple solution to this basic human need. Here are more pre-fabricated aluminum balcony system facts that make them so popular.

Aluminum Balconies Provide Outdoor Living Spaces

A balcony creates a new outdoor living space we can all use more of. What better way to enhance a property than to provide a nice place to enjoy fresh air and sunshine? People on the ground floor have it easy. But those of us on the second and tenth floors also deserve an outdoor space to relax and enjoy. Pre-fabricated balcony kits are an easy solution to this vital need.

Aluminum Balconies Increase Property Value

Pre-fabricated aluminum balconies are a smart investment. Installing them will boost your property value right away. And guess what? You can charge tenants a little more for units with balconies. Those add-ons will pay for themselves in no time with your higher lease rates.

Pre-Fabricated Aluminum Balcony Systems Are Easy to Install

A fabricator will use your building’s dimensions to create balcony systems just for you. This makes the balconies easy to install. It takes a few support beams and some sturdy bolts, and your balconies are ready for many years of enjoyment. There’s no need to shut down operations for weeks while your contractor installs the units.

Aluminum Balconies Will Last for Decades

Unlike wood balconies and railings, aluminum will never rot away. Aluminum will withstand decades of punishment from Mother Nature. It never has to be re-sealed to keep water out. It will never give you splinters in your feet. Aluminum balconies are easy to maintain and will last many years on your property.

Some Aluminum Balconies Offer Weather Protection Below

A few aluminum deck systems on the market channel water away from the surface. One example is the DryJoist decking system. These decks serve a secondary purpose by providing shelter from the rain below the deck. Say you install balconies above each other. The balconies below have built-in umbrellas supplied by their neighbors’ decks.

Wahoo Decks’ Pre-Fabricated Aluminum Balcony System Solutions

If you are ready to upgrade your Atlanta-area property, Wahoo Decks has the balconies you want. Our team will create the right balconies to enhance your building’s functionality. Call Wahoo Decks today at (678) 343-2317 to get started on your pre-fabricated aluminum balcony system design.

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