We get calls and emails from potential customers every week. Invariably, one of them always asks this question. “Why should I use aluminum decking for my outdoor living space?”

Most people think of traditional wood products for their deck design ideas. They usually think first of pressure-treated pine or exotic hardwoods. Yet, other options exist for building a deck or replacing its current decking surface. Many of our customers have discovered the advantages of Wahoo Building Products’ waterproof aluminum decks and structural deck drainage systems.

Aluminum Deck Boards: Same Conveniences Of Traditional Wood, But With Many Advantages

Unlike traditional wood or composite decking options, Ariddek aluminum deck boards interlock in a way that creates a watertight walking surface.  This feature creates a dry under-deck area. That way, you can enjoy your outdoor living space even when it rains. Place a hammock or a swing under your deck, relax, and watch the rain. Park the lawnmower and other tools under your deck to keep them out of the elements. Or create a workspace and complete outdoor projects year-round!

But what if your deck is not elevated enough? Or what if you don’t need dry space below your deck? Fortis aluminum deck boards offer the benefits of aluminum decking without the watertight feature.  Fortis has grooves on each panel that accept hidden fastener clips– just like grooved wood or composite decking materials. This is just one of the reasons why you should use aluminum decking for your outdoor living space.

What About Maintenance?

Aside from ease of installation and deck design benefits, homeowners love that Ariddek and Fortis aluminum deck boards are low-maintenance decking options – requiring less maintenance than wood or composite decking.  Aluminum decking is a lot more resistant to elements, such as water, sunlight, pests, and even fire, that can damage other types of decking materials, and the powder-coated aluminum finish never needs to be stained or sealed.  Your aluminum deck must be washed periodically (depending on conditions) with mild soap and a soft brush– no pressure washer required!  (As a matter of fact, we recommend against using pressure washers or chemical cleaners because they could potentially damage paint or cause abrasions to the surface of your deck boards.)

Ariddek and Fortis Decking Surfaces are also Excellent for Marine Applications

Our marine-grade aluminum decking is not susceptible to the same warping, rotting, splitting, and fading problems that are encountered with wood and composite decking in marine environments. Ariddek is also the perfect deck surface for upper-level sun decks or party decks on boat docks. It creates an attractive and low-maintenance upper deck for your dock that will also protect and channel rain away from boats, personal watercraft, and outdoor furniture.

Some of our biggest fans are the smallest. Kids and pets love aluminum deck surfaces! Aluminum decks stay cooler to the touch than wood or composite decking when exposed to extreme temperatures because aluminum decking reflects and dissipates heat much better than more dense wood and composite decking materials.

Why should I use aluminum decking for my outdoor living space? We should talk if you have questions about refitting your outdoor living space. Contact us today for samples or a quote!


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