When you are choosing decking for your dock, the choices can seem overwhelming.

Our AridDek® Waterproof Deck System and Fortis® Aluminum Decking  are ideal alternatives to traditional dock decking materials that were developed with marine applications in mind.

1. Aluminum Decking Is Easy to Clean

Never stain or re-seal your dock again! Simply clean your aluminum decking periodically with soap and warm water to keep your decking looking fresh and new. Aluminum never has to be pressure washed and you won’t need to use any harsh chemicals.

2. Stability And Reliability

Over time, wooden docks can rot; but not if you use aluminum decking. Not only is it a very stable material, it also does not materially degrade; even with intense exposure to sunlight and water. This makes your dock or gangway impervious to insect damage, rot, and other types of decay.

3. Aluminum Decking Is Lightweight

Both AridDek and Fortis are lightweight. Making them easier to install than many other materials, and making them ideal for upper deck applications.

4. Slip-Resistant

Your dock or gangway may be near the water, but that doesn’t mean you need to risk slipping! Aluminum decking is slip-resistant because of its ribbed texture and powder coated finish. 

5. Cool to the Touch

Have you ever suffered the dread of burnt feet after stepping up from the water? With aluminum’s high thermal conductivity and our lighter color options, AridDek and Fortis provide a surface that naturally stays cooler to the touch year-round than other decking materials. 
Want to learn more? See our heat test video here! 

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