Even when compared to other, more common alternatives, aluminum decking is great for vacation homes. Some people are prone to sticking with what they know. This could mean settling for hardwood, composites, or high-density plastics. While these options have some benefits, they all fall short when stacked alongside quality aluminum decking.

Keep reading for a look at aluminum decking’s advantages—both short and long-term—for your vacation home. You might just find yourself rethinking some prior beliefs about what a deck should be.

Aluminum’s Superior Fade and Warp Resistance

Wood might be a common deck material, but aluminum is up to three times as strong. As a metal, it offers better structural support and rigidity, which minimizes the risk of sagging. Straightening deck boards that have warped or bent can be a nightmare. It’s a wise choice to focus on prevention. You can even incorporate large planters on your deck, and the material would hold up the same.

With Aluminum, you also avoid weather-related complications, thanks to its nonabsorbent properties. Being resistant to moisture means no warping, fading, splintering, or cracking over time. Unlike composite materials, it isn’t susceptible to mold. It’s also better suited for holding off saltwater and strong sea breezes near the coast.

A Lower Maintenance Deck

Even if you’re happy to install a high-quality deck, that doesn’t mean you should have to keep working on it. The extra effort can take the fun out of any vacation. Wooden deck maintenance can get very time-consuming and expensive over time. This is because of the need for costly sealing on a regular basis, as well as damage from insects like termites and carpenter ants.

Aluminum decking doesn’t need sealing. Aside from being resistant to pests and their damage, all it needs is occasional cleaning. Keeping the surface free of debris is the extent of the regular maintenance necessary for aluminum decks. This makes them much less of a hassle compared to other options.

Spend Less and Relax More with Aluminum

Wooden or composite decks might seem cheaper at first, but aluminum lasts much longer. It also does a better job of maintaining its appearance and reliability over time. It can essentially pay for itself throughout its lifespan.

A high-quality aluminum deck can also boost your vacation home’s resale value. This is helpful if you ever decide you want to find a new spot for your vacation time. And even if that sale isn’t going to take place until well into the future, you can rest assured that an aluminum deck will hold its value in the interim.

To learn more about why aluminum decking is great for vacation homes or to get a quote for a new deck, contact our experts at Wahoo Decks. Make the most of your deck and start spending more time outside today!

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