Waterproof Deck Systems

Add value and extra living space to your outdoor living area.

Build a 100% waterproof deck with the AridDek® Waterproof Deck System or the DryJoistEZ® Deck Drainage System from Wahoo Building Products.

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All-In-One Deck Surface And Deck Drainage System

AridDek® is a waterproof aluminum deck system that has been specifically designed to withstand high-traffic use in the most challenging environments. It offers a low-maintenance, fire-resistant deck surface that is ideal for areas that require durability and reliability. 

In addition, AridDek® is equipped with an integrated hidden gutter system that effectively channels water away from the deck surface, ensuring that your outdoor space remains dry and safe. Its innovative tongue-and-groove design makes installation easy for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

AridDek Waterproof Deck System Beside A Lake With Flower Pots and Deck Chair
AridDek Waterproof Deck System | Sandstone Aluminum Deck Board Sample


DryJoistEZ Black Sample Color


AridDek Waterproof Deck System | Artisan Clay Aluminum Deck Board Sample

Artisan Clay

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Deck Drainage System With A Finished Ceiling Below

DryJoistEZ® is a unique deck drainage system that is fully integrated with the structure of your deck. It is the only system on the market that combines structural support and a waterproof ceiling in one complete package. The system can span up to six feet and can run up to a maximum length of 24 feet.

Homeowners love DryJoistEZ because it adds a waterproof component to their deck space and creates additional usable space below. It is versatile and allows for customization to fit your desired deck design and allows for customization to fit your desired deck design.

DryJoistEZ | Deck Drainage System
DryJoistEZ Black Sample Color


White DryJoistEZ Sample


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