Reference Guide & Assembly Instructions

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Wahoo Glass is an easy-to-install tempered glass baluster system that you install in your deck railing system. Provided are general instructions for the installation of the glass baluster panels. If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to call Customer Service toll-free at 877-270-9387 or visit our online Resource Library.

Please read these instructions in their entirety in order to familiarize yourself with the product and its assembly BEFORE you start your project! It is important that you  follow these steps closely to ensure the durability and safety of your deck rail system.

Tool Requirements

Tape Measure
Drill Driver
Framing Square
Rubber Mallet/Hammer
Work Gloves & Safety Glasses
Caulk Gun & Exterior Flashing Sealant
Pen Or Pencil

Structural Recommendations

Residential code requires that spacing between rail balusters shall not exceed 4 inches.

Always check with your local municipality for permitting requirements and always consult a professional engineer to ensure code compliance.

1: Lay Out Your Material

Select a workspace to assemble your glass rail panels and lay out your tools and materials.

2: Use Bracket Template

Residential code requires that a 4” sphere may not pass through the space between balusters.

One-and-a-half balusters are needed per linear foot of rail. Baluster spacing is dependent on the length of rail. Creating a template based on the spacing needed for your project is the easiest way to ensure consistent spacing.

Create a template/guide to measure and mark the fastener placement for the brackets, and mark the edge of the guide.

After the placement for the first bracket is marked, slide the guide over to the mark indicating the end of the previous guide. Mark the fastening points and the edge of the guide. Repeat this process until all bracket locations are marked.

3: Fasten Brackets To Rail

Using the bracket fastener marks as a guide, place the glass panel brackets on your rail so the fastener holes on the bracket line up with the pre-marked fastener guide.
Continue fastening the brackets for the entire run of the rails. Running the top and bottom rails side-by-side will help with the alignment of the glass panel brackets.

4: Fit Panels To Brackets

After all of the brackets are securely attached, carefully but firmly slide the glass panels into the brackets on the bottom rail.

5: Attach Top Rail

After the glass panels have been fit to the brackets on the bottom rail, slide the top brackets and top rail over the top of the glass panels. It might help to have another person help with this final step.

Enjoy Your Wahoo Glass!

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