Wahoo Building Products calls on the resources and experience gained from the decking and floating boat dock industries to build our multifamily aluminum balcony system – Wahoo Complete™.

Wahoo Complete™ is an exceptionally durable prefabricated aluminum railing and aluminum balcony system. Our customers also love that it’s low maintenance and meets the most stringent commercial deck safety standards.  

We use high-quality marine-grade aluminum to construct these prefabricated balconies. They feature a durable baked-on powder coating to create a sturdy and attractive balcony addition for your building.

Builders Have Choices

Builders can use Ariddek waterproof aluminum decking, the DryJoist EZ deck drainage system, or traditional wood and composite decking. We can ship decking surface and drainage additions to job sites pre-trimmed and installed. Therefore, you save time and money.

Wahoo Building Products offers Wahoo Rail™ premium aluminum railing or Wahoo Glass™ deck railing options with our balconies. Both of these options make it easy to create a complete balcony solution. For safety and visual appeal, mount these balconies on existing cantilevered beams or suspended rods or install them on posts.

Our support team works closely with building and design professionals during the building process. This helps us develop custom-designed projects to meet each building plan’s specifications. Working as a team results in a collaborative and fully customized approach to designing and building the Wahoo Complete balcony system. Finally, using Wahoo deck rail will ensure that Wahoo Decks can create the perfect, complete, prefabricated balcony system for its valued customers in the architectural and development industries.

Are you seeking a safe, attractive, durable multifamily aluminum balcony system and decking solution? We can help you make the right decision. Call us at 877-270-9387 or connect with us online today.

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