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Pre-Fabricated Balcony System For Multifamily  Applications

The Wahoo Complete Prefabricated Balcony System is a convenient and efficient solution for multifamily developments, providing a fully prefabricated aluminum balcony frame, decking and railing in one package. This fire-resistant and sustainable system includes a dry deck drainage system (AridDek®), aluminum deck railing, and steel mounting hardware, as needed. To save time and add value to your project, the Wahoo Complete System is prefabricated to the furthest extent possible for shipping, allowing for quick assembly and installation on site.

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How It Works

Wahoo Complete Balconies Include Aluminum Decking and Aluminum Deck Railing Engineered for Strength and Versatility

Prefabricated Balcony:

Side View

Balcony/Hangrod Bracket – A.1



Balcony Bracket – A.2



Hangrod Bracket – A.3



Balcony Bracket – D.2



Reduce Labor Costs

To save time and labor expense, our prefabricated balconies are shipped to your job site with decking attached and railings pre-assembled in sections, ready to connect with pre-decked balconies easily.


Wahoo Complete works perfectly for multifamily developments. Each rod-hung prefabricated balcony creates 100% dry usable space below.

Heat Regulating

Wahoo Complete stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking materials: aluminum rapidly dissipates heat, which keeps your Wahoo Complete decking surface cooler than commonly-used decking surfaces.


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