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Fortis® Aluminum Decking For Multifamily Applications

Fortis Aluminum Decking is a deck board that works similarly to traditional wooden or composite decking, without the worry of regular maintenance and upkeep. Architects, developers, and contractors love Fortis because it is attractive, lightweight, simple to install, and incredibly durable. Fortis Aluminum Decking has a non-skid deck surface that stays cooler to the touch than traditional deck boards in hot weather, making it safe for use in high-traffic areas.

Fortis is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly decking option that allows builders to qualify for LEED credits. To save time and money, we cut deck boards to suit your project in lengths up to 24 feet (Fortis boards are 8 inches wide.)

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Installing Fortis Aluminum Decking:

Fortis Aluminum Decking is installed with hidden fastener clips just like traditional, grooved wood, or composite deck boards and no special tools are required for your deck installation.


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Low Maintenance

Especially when compared to traditional deck boards, the marine-grade aluminum and powder-coated finish of Fortis Aluminum Decking never needs to be stained, painted, or sealed.


Unlike traditional wooden deck boards, Fortis is will not split, splinter, decay, sag, crack, or rot.

Heat Regulating

Fortis stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking materials: aluminum rapidly dissipates heat, which keeps your deck surface cooler to the touch than commonly-used decking surfaces.


Eco-Friendly: Fortis is 100% recyclable and is made from up to 50% recycled scrap metal. While most building materials will eventually end up in a landfill, Fortis can be separated and recycled.

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