Multifamily Decking Applications Value, Safety, Durability, And Sustainability

Wahoo Building Products offers multifamily decking applications, including pre-fabricated aluminum deck and balcony systems, aluminum deck surfaces, balcony and deck railing, and a complete, all-in-one solution.

Our support team works closely with building and design professionals to develop projects that meet the specifications of every building plan. This collaborative approach ensures that we can deliver the ideal multifamily decking applications for our valued partners in the architectural and development industries.

Prefabricated Balcony System

Wahoo Complete is a prefabricated aluminum balcony system for multifamily developments that incorporates railing, substructure framing, and decking – all in one system.

Wahoo Complete Prefabricated Balcony | Multifamily Balcony
DryJoistEZ Deck Drainage System- underneath view shows a finished ceiling

Waterproof Deck System

Unlike traditional wood or composite multifamily decking options, the AridDek® Waterproof Deck system utilizes interlocking deck boards to create a watertight walking surface – creating a completely dry space below decks and balconies.

DryJoistEZ Logo

Deck Drainage System

The DryJoistEZ® Deck Drainage System eliminates the need for multiple steps when waterproofing exterior balconies and decks. Gone are the days of built-up rubber membrane or lightweight poured concrete balconies.

AridDek Waterproof Deck System On A Modern Home
Wahoo Rail Post And Handrail In Antique Bronze
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Aluminum Decking

Fortis® Aluminum Decking is a lightweight and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood or composite decking materials.  The durable powder coat finish comes in 3 colors to match just about any design aesthetic.

Reduce Labor Expense

To save time and labor expense, our prefabricated balconies are shipped to your job site with decking attached and railings pre-assembled in sections, ready to easily connect with pre-decked balconies.

Custom Design

Our balcony and deck systems are as unique as they are durable and dependable. The WBP team works with architects, engineers, and developers to create balcony systems that are specifically tailored to each project.


Our balcony frames, decking, and railing materials are all made from extruded marine grade aluminum, and come to you pre-finished; this means NO rot, NO pest damage, and NO painting or staining to maintain.

100% Waterproof

Both AridDek and DryJoistEZ are efficient and durable methods of waterproofing a balcony. These systems keep the balconies below free from water runoff, eliminating the need to build up complex, expensive concrete and membrane details.

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