Multifamily decking and balcony applications are a specialty here at Wahoo Decks.  We offer an all-in-one decking and balcony system for use in multifamily construction. Headquartered in Dahlonega, Georgia, Wahoo Decks is a leading manufacturer of aluminum decking, including drainage systems for exterior decks, balconies and low-slope roofs. Wahoo products have been engineered to be easier to install, have more flexibility in design options, and to resist natural elements better than other traditional deck drainage systems. With the recent upswing in the multifamily segment, Wahoo Decks has developed dedicated and full-time resources focused on multifamily applications.

AridDek aluminum decking multifamily solution

Macedonia Apartments in Arlington, Virginia

AridDek Aluminum Decking

AridDek aluminum decking is a waterproof surface approach for decks.  The AridDek aluminum deck boards will never warp, crack, or fade. Time and time again AridDek has proven to be the perfect choice for remodeling, repair, or construction of exterior balconies in multifamily applications.

The single deck board system of AridDek capitalizes on the natural durability and longevity of an aluminum deck board, while also supplying a fireproof balcony that will not ignite, smoke or burn. The non-combustible, fireproof deck board is also ideal for multifamily applications in high fire risk zones.

Not only does AridDek offer durability and safety for owners, it also assists builders in achieving points towards LEED credits. AridDek uses 50% recycled aluminum content from industrial and post consumer aluminum scrap. This means AridDek is environmentally friendly.

DryJoistEZ used on Radius Apartments in Newport News, Virginia

DryJoistEZ Structural Deck Drainage System

Gone are the days of rubber membrane systems or concrete balconies.  DryJoistEZ creates its own joist for the structure of the balcony or patio with a finished ceiling underneath. Additionally, the top of the joist allows for any type of walking surface material.

Made with marine-grade aluminum, the DryJoistEZ system has excellent weathering characteristics. It also provides protection to the components themselves.  Furthermore, the structural design creates a 100% waterproof area below the balcony or deck, complete with a finished ceiling.  By using this marine-grade aluminum, you will have a completely waterproof deck.

Comprehensively, DryJoistEZ offers a simple one step solution so that multifamily developers can add structure, waterproofing, and durability to a balcony.

DryJoistEZ is also naturally-resistant to rot, decay, warping, insects. Thus, the DryJoistEZ system will last longer than pressure treated lumber and other materials typically used to create balconies and patios.

Like AridDek, DryJoistEZ is environmentally safe. It uses 50% recycle content in manufacturing. Thus, it assists builders in achieving points towards LEED credits based on the standards set forth by the LEED Green Building Rating System within the categories of Recycled Content of Materials and Construction Waste Management.

Wahoo Rail as used in the Wahoo Complete System

Your options do not end at decking

The Wahoo Rail system was initially developed for commercial multifamily applications. Wahoo Rail is a quick, durable, and easy-to-install kit that is perfect for finishing your deck.

Available in white and antique bronze, Wahoo Rail is 100% aluminum with a powder-coated finish. Kits include all hardware and materials for each section include one post assembly.

Wahoo Complete is one product that focuses exclusively on the need for a complete multifamily decking and balcony system.

Wahoo Complete includes everything a developer or general contractor could need for their multifamily decking and balcony needs. It is a pre-fabricated aluminum balcony for use in multifamily residential communities and includes railing, substructure framing and decking. Support is dependent on building design, options include either rod hung, knee-braced, post supports or cantilevered beams.

Wahoo Complete in New Brunswick, Canada

Like other decking products from Wahoo Decks, the Wahoo Complete balcony system is 50% post industrial, post consumer scrap aluminum. All balconies are fireproof, powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum. There US manufacturing and assembly is unique to Wahoo Decks. With a Wahoo Complete balcony, all multifamily balconies are dry-below deck. Meaning, no water, dirt or debris will fall to the balcony below.

Each Wahoo Complete project is a custom design by professional engineers to meet project specifications and building code requirements. Wahoo Decks will provide detailed drawings for construction and installation. Additionally, Wahoo will provide on-site consultation and training to the installation contractor as desired.

Wahoo Complete balconies are delivered at the job site and are bolted right onto the side of the building, it’s that easy!

From a surface approach like AridDek aluminum decking, to a structural approach such as DryJoistEZ, to a turn-key complete multifamily decking and balcony package like Wahoo Complete, Wahoo has your decking needs covered. Wahoo Decks is proud to offer several alternatives to traditional methods of building an exterior balcony. Further, Wahoo’s products are uniquely engineered to save time/labor. They also last longer and require lower maintenance than traditional balcony construction methods.

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