Wahoo Decks Approves Starborn’s Deckfast Metal for DryJoistEZ structural deck drainage system. 

Starborn's Deckfast

Starborn’s Deckfast Metal screw is approved by Wahoo Decks for DryJoistEZ aluminum decking and is available in many popular color options.

The newly-introduced Deckfast® Metal fastening system from Starborn Industries, a leading manufacturer and international distributor of premium fastening products, has been officially approved by Wahoo Decks™ and Wahoo Docks™ for use with Wahoo aluminum floating boat dock and deck products.

Developed to accommodate the requirements of the fast-growing steel joist deck framing system marketplace, Deckfast Metal was tested on Wahoo aluminum joist systems at their corporate facilities, and now stands as the only fastener recommended for use with Wahoo Decks DryJoistEZ systems as well as Wahoo docks and gangways.

Deckfast Metal Deck Screws for DryJoist and DryJoistEZ aluminum decks

Starborn introduces the first line of deck screws specifically designed for attaching PVC, composite, capstock and hardwood decking to aluminum joist systems like DryJoistEZ by Wahoo Decks.

“There was a major void for fasteners that effectively join deck boards to aluminum joist deck framing systems,” says Jon Bailey, Vice President of Wahoo Decks. “Starborn was the first to solve this challenge with the introduction of the Deckfast Metal fastener. After a lengthy testing process, Deckfast Metal has not only been approved, but recommended for most projects involving our joist products. Plus, it’s easy to use since most applications do not require pre-drilling and mushrooming is virtually eliminated. Another advantage is that the epoxy coated screws provide excellent corrosion resistance and are color matched to popular decking products.

“Wahoo Docks is the leading manufacturer of residential lake docks and commercial aluminum floating boat docks and gangways, while Wahoo Decks is the leading manufacturer of aluminum deck drainage systems. Deckfast Metal is the first deck screw designed specifically to attach all types of decking to Wahoo products – PVC, composite, capstock and hardwoods – without pre-drilling. These high- performance fasteners allow architects and builders to provide their clients with clean, uniform and long lasting aluminum framed decks – something that was previously not possible without considerable time and effort. Deckfast Metal features triple strength corrosion resistance: grade 410 stainless steel + zinc plate + epoxy coating. 410 stainless steel is hard enough to easily penetrate Wahoo aluminum profiles, while also providing a high-level of corrosion resistance. The epoxy coating, in addition to protecting the fastener, is available in colors to match popular decking products, including Trex®, AZEK Deck, TimberTech, Evergrain and others.

The fastener’s specially engineered head is designed to cleanly penetrate the hard outer layer of capstock decking products and also self-countersink into Ipe and other hardwoods. Deckfast Metal fasteners are available loose as well as collated for use with the Muro Auto Feed Screw Driving system, the system preferred by professionals for both its speed and ease of use.

For more information on Deckfast® High Quality Deck Screws, please visit www.starbornindustries.com/deckfast or call 1-800-596-7747. Users can also visit www.manasquanfasteners.com or www.decksdirect.com to purchase this product and other high-quality Starborn Fasteners online. For more information about Wahoo Decks, visit www. wahoodecks.com. For more information about Wahoo Docks, visit www.wahoodocks.com.

About the Company

Starborn Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and related products for the building industry. Founded in 1961, the company holds a well-deserved, industry-wide reputation as a premium supplier of fasteners in the deck building, construction and woodworking fields. Starborn products include the Headcote®, Smart-Bit®, Pro Plug®, Cap-Tor® and Deckfast® brands. These products are distributed throughout the US, as well as internationally through distributors and dealers servicing Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

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