Outfitting your outdoor living space can effectively increase your house’s square footage, especially if you live in a more temperate climate with sun much of the year. However, even if you live in a rainier area, you can still create the deck of your dreams if you follow these steps:

Choose Your Decking Material First

First up: decking material. There are many fine, low-maintenance decking options to choose from, including vinyl, treated wood, or aluminum. The final effect depends on your budget and personal desires, so speak to a decking expert before making the final call.

Note: If you want a fire pit on your deck, make sure you choose a nonflammable decking material such as aluminum and put down a large, fireproof grill mat. The same goes for your barbecue, which you can absolutely have in your outdoor living space as long as you prepare for potential flames and cinders.

Create a Decorative Theme to Direct Your Style

There are a huge number of deck styles from which to choose.

The first step here is to consider the weather. If you live somewhere rainy, then it’s smart to design your deck to work even during drizzles (or downpours). That means putting up thick canvas to make a tent on part of the deck, right near the door. That way, you can still enjoy those cozy fires and thick blankets, even when Mother Nature is having a tantrum.

If you live somewhere with clear skies most of the year, congratulations! You’ll still want to account for weather, though, with a sunshade or thick cushions for cold, cloudless nights. Now to the fun part! Possible style options include:

  • Laid-back Bohemian vibes with bright pillows, hanging lanterns, tapestries, and perhaps even a Persian rug underneath an overhang. Just be sure to roll that rug up, as well as any other non-waterproof furnishings, before the rains come.
  • Luxurious African safari furnishings, with hanging mosquito netting, neutral furniture, and steamer trunks to serve as tables. Complete the look with wooden carvings of animals, wicker mats, and old-school glassware for your cocktails and mocktails.
  • Beach chic, with tropical prints, turquoise pillows, and wind chimes, complete with a conch or two (or ten). Make sure to throw out some Hawaiian-print towels for pool or hot tub dipping, if that’s an option!

Complete the Effect with Full Amenities

Of course, your deck only becomes a rocking outdoor living space once you add in all the little comforts of life. In addition to pillows and blankets, make sure you have glassware accessible, along with small plates for tapas and reusable cloth napkins that match the décor (environment first!).

Let Our Experts Help You Transform the Living Space outside Your Home

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your outdoor living space, what are you waiting for? The first step is designing a deck that will accommodate the people, furniture, and activities you’ve got in mind. If you need help thinking through specs or materials, please feel free to reach out to our team at Wahoo Decks any time. Our friendly representatives are happy to help walk you through the process, so connect with us online now.

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