Outdoor entertainment systems offer a way to enjoy your favorite music and programs al fresco. We all want to make the most of the good weather while it lasts. Imagine upgrading your cookouts with a flat-screen television and surround-sound speakers. Your backyard could become the most popular hangout spot in the neighborhood in no time.

Having a television or sound system installed on your deck is not as complicated as it sounds. A good installer will do the job right in less than a day. Just think, your new system could be up and running just in time for football season! Here are our best tips for using outdoor audio systems to transform your deck.

Only Use Outdoor-Approved Audio Visual Equipment

Thinking of moving your current television out to the deck? Big mistake. A backyard entertainment system calls for a specialized TV made for the outdoors. These units are durable and weather-resistant. Their screens have anti-glare properties to enhance your outdoor viewing experience. The same goes for outdoor speakers; insects and rain can’t ruin them. So don’t wreck your current electronics. Do it right and get a professional to install the right equipment for your deck.

Choose Weatherproof Equipment

What happens if it starts raining in the middle of your outdoor party? This is why you should choose weatherproof equipment for your outdoor entertainment system. There’s no need to disassemble everything and haul it inside. Weatherproof units can stay right where they are without any worry. If you decide to get a universal remote for your system, it’s a good idea to invest in a waterproof remote. This is especially true if you have a pool or hot tub.

Want to Extend Your Entertainment System Beyond the Deck?

Do your gatherings spill off the deck and into your yard? No problem. Don’t leave anybody out of the party! You’ve seen the speakers hidden inside fake rocks at malls, right? You can get those for your house, too! Those speaker rocks can become a lovely enhancement of your landscaping. Your music and movie audio can play wherever you want on your property, not only right next to the TV.

Integrated Outdoor Entertainment Systems Keep the Party Going

The latest generations of entertainment systems for outdoor use are fully integrated. You could control your TV, music, and even the lights from your smartphone. Change the lighting, music, and programming to fit the evolving mood of your party. No need to find the remotes or even get up from your card game. These seamless transitions mean that nobody – even you – has to miss a beat of your party.

Wahoo Decks is Georgia’s Source for Entertainment Systems Outdoors

When you’re ready to get your system set up, call Wahoo Decks. We have the experience and industry knowledge to build an incredible audiovisual system for your deck. Call our team at Wahoo Decks today at (678) 343-2317 to start designing the outdoor entertainment system of your dreams.

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