How Hot Does Aluminum Decking Get Compared to Other Decking?

Understandably this is a frequent question when it comes to our aluminum decking systems.  No one wants to worry about scorching their bare feet on a hot summer day! Thus, on a hot day in Georgia, the Wahoo Building Products team set out to find this answer by testing the temperature of several popular deck board options, including the AridDek waterproof deck system.

The Results:

Aluminum deck boards stay cooler than other decking options. But why?

Several reasons:

  • Higher reflectivity: Aluminum has a higher reflectivity than materials like wood or composite decking. It reflects a significant amount of sunlight, reducing heat absorption.
  • Lower heat retention: Due to its reflective properties, aluminum decking absorbs less heat from the sun, resulting in lower heat retention.
  • Efficient heat dissipation: Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, allowing it to efficiently dissipate any heat it does absorb, further preventing the decking from getting too hot.
  • Minimal thermal expansion: Aluminum has minimal thermal expansion compared to other materials. This means it expands and contracts less with temperature changes, reducing the likelihood of warping or buckling due to heat.
  • Cooler to the touch: The combination of high reflectivity, low heat absorption, and efficient heat dissipation makes aluminum decking cooler to the touch, enhancing comfort and safety.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

Kevin Stevens at KMS Woodworks also did a temperature test in Colorado. Check out his testing results!

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