Wahoo Decks chosen by Canine Assistants for their aluminum decking needs.

Canine Assistants chose aluminum decking from Wahoo because they needed a low-maintenance decking option that was durable and easy to clean.

Who is Canine Assistants and why Wahoo aluminum decking? Canine Assistants, located in Milton, Georgia, is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs that improve quality-of-life for children and adults who have physical disabilities, seizure conditions, or other special needs. Since its inception in 1991, Canine Assistants has placed over 1,700 service dogs nationally, reached more than 400,000 students through educational presentations, and provided communities with over 120,000 hours of animal assistance therapy.

Canine Assistants AridDek aluminum decking Puppy PorchFor Canine Assistants, it is important to provide a safe and easy-to-clean deck space where new puppies can stretch their legs and enjoy a sunny afternoon. When Dr. Kent Bruner, head veterinarian and husband of Canine Assistants founder, Jennifer Arnold, contacted Wahoo Decks to find the perfect decking system for a “puppy porch” he was building, AridDek aluminum decking proved to be the ideal solution.

The deck area that Dr. Bruner created using the AridDek aluminum decking system makes the perfect patio for the newest heroes in the Canine Assistants family. Because AridDek remains cooler to the touch than other decking materials, caregivers won’t have to worry that the deck surface could become overheated during summer months and harm the puppy paws.

Furthermore, since AridDek is so durable, it won’t be damaged when the puppies play or run across it. When there are inevitable accidents while the little ones are training, AridDek is quickly and easily cleaned, and the waterproof surface allows for easy drainage.

AridDek Waterproof Decking is aluminum decking that is easy to cleanMembers of our team were honored to visit the Canine Assistants facility a few weeks ago for a tour and the opportunity to meet the newest members of the Canine Assistants team. Located on 18 acres hidden away in the Atlanta suburbs, the Canine Assistants facility is a beautiful working farm.

On this farm, future therapy dogs are trained to assist in the lives of their grateful companions through a “bond-based” approach to training that integrates them into everyday life, rather than teaching them commands. We were lucky enough to meet two litters of new puppies; future therapy dogs who will change the lives of many people!

Visit the Canine Assistants website more to find out how this organization is changing the lives of people with special needs, or to donate to their foundation.

For more information about adding AridDek Aluminum Decking to your outdoor space, contact Wahoo Decks.
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