It’s great to have great neighbors. However, there’s a reason that Robert Frost coined the phrase “Great fences make great neighbors.”  Now that you’ve begun to design your new outdoor living area, consider ways to make that living area private.  This should be part of your perfect deck design. Our top 5 deck design tips for privacy provide privacy while also adding depth and beauty to your new deck space.

top 5 deck design tips for privacy

Number 1

Using hanging planters that are as simple or as elaborate as you like, a wall made up of hanging baskets is beautiful and fresh and creates a verdant screen for your deck space. Check out this tutorial from Martha Stewart. 

top 5 deck design tips for privacy

Number 2

Outdoor curtains can add shade to your deck or patio area, and they give your decor a touch of drama and romance. You can find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and prices range from $15 up to $90. They’re quick and easy to install. We also love this DIY idea for making your outdoor curtains out of drop cloths! 

top 5 deck design tips for privacy

Number 3

Wooden lattice sections are very inexpensive and easy to work with. Done right, you can use them to create a privacy screen for your outdoor space that is stylish and attractive, in addition to providing privacy and camouflage for unseemly power outlets, compost bins, or AC compressors.

top 5 deck design tips for privacy

Number 4

The classic hedge wall makes the perfect privacy partition. This option can take a while to cultivate, but the lush green foliage also functions as a property marker, windscreen, and sound barrier. If you are uncomfortable designing complex landscape layouts on your own, you’ll want to consult a landscape design expert. You can also find many online suggestions and tips if you prefer to DIY.

cut the noise

Number 5

Even if you can’t see your neighbors, unwanted noises can disturb your outdoor living area’s peace. Block sound from neighbor’s dogs or noisy traffic areas, and cancel your own noisemaking activities by creating a water feature. From simple and inexpensive to more grand designs, most water features can be added quickly. 

If you’ve enjoyed our top 5 deck design tips for privacy, give us a call today to find out we can help you add the aluminum deck of your dreams to your home or business.

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